You're wiped clean of ideas for upcoming blog posts that spark interest from your readers. And you're unable to claw your way out of all the marketing noise by writing fresh content every week.

Not to mention, you can’t even begin to fathom how you’ll whip up the time to plan out your social media strategy to keep the conversation going with your top admirers, month-to-month.

Oh yeah, and proofing and editing your content before it goes out into the universe, while making sure it still fits your unique voice? Yeah, you’ve got way too much on your plate for that, too. And, I'm happy to say I can help fix all of that...

you're a big-hearted small biz owner, rocking the entrepreneurial hustle.

If you feel i've hijacked your brain,
you've come to the right place.

hey, you!

Since 2014, I've taken on a number of opportunities that have helped me grow both personally and professionally, equipping me with the tools necessary to work alongside you. 

So, what do passionate entrepreneurs, like yourself, get out of partnering with me? Refreshing storytelling and strategic communications services.

I’m devoted to helping you stand out amongst the crowd in this rather noisy universe of words. 

And, ultimately, I'm committed to livening up your readers so they get carried away with your brand.

learn more about your new biz best friends.

With a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a minor in Business, Carrie has long had a passion for helping shape growing small businesses through storytelling. 

She began her career as a client account coordinator at a Kansas City advertising agency. And, today, she's extremely grateful to serve creative, big-hearted, entrepreneurial-spirited women at Carried Away Creative Co. Therefore, devoting herself to helping them stand out in this rather noisy universe of words. 

Carrie currently calls California her home with her husband, Aaron, and Lab Retriever, Jules. 


Yes, CFO stands for Chief Furry Officer. She's been helping Carrie hold down the fort at Carried Away Creative Co. since the get-go. 

Even though she doesn't put in as many hours as the other member of the team, she's definitely considered to be the biggest advocate of taking multiple brain breaks throughout the day. You know, to catch some fresh air & hang with other pups.

Best of all, if you join Carrie for a virtual coffee date (or wine, depending on the time of day!) to talk strategy or catch up, you just might hear her barking, or even snoring, in the background.



Is a Midwest girl born and raised.

Can be found in athleisure attire 99.9% of the time. Even if she's not going to the gym.

Has never been on a legit rollercoaster (same with her husband! Acrophobists right here.). 

Loves cheesy reality TV shows (Real Housewives of anything, The Bachelor; you name it, it's on her DVR.). 


Is becoming more and more independent by the day. Much to her parents' dismay.

Thinks any package that comes in the mail is for her (thanks BarkBox). 

Has a mean bark, but no bite. (It's believed she barks because she's afraid.)

Can be found sleeping on the furry office rug during the majority of working hours.

words thoughtfully written

fresh blog
post topics created




snuggle sessions with jules each workday


meetings interrupted by squeaky toys


happy dances thanks to BIZ BFFS